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About the Artist

About C.C. Miller

When I stand before a painting, I want to see both the artist and subject.

I am a professional singer and artist, and I guess that's why I enjoy telling stories.  Neither the song, nor the painting is finished until

 the entire story is told.  I consider myself a representational artist, not separated from Nature, but representing what I see through my own astonished eyes and curious mind, a mixture of Nature and artist.  Every brush stroke is stimulated by what I see and what others may miss.  I enjoy pushing and altering color, light, and forms to suit my desires, as well as moving the story along, even improvising as I go, hopefully making my art distinctive and personal.  My visual explorations are wildly diverse in theme and technique, but I feel the successful painting will give particular respect to the subject.  I want to tell the story, honor it and what it means to me.  I do this for the genuine thrill of creating art.  I hope you enjoy my paintings.        C.C.

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